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Old Adobe Traders
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NEW Collection! Click on "Store Specials" to see new items.

Rare, Northwest Coast items, including argillite and wood sculptures by master carvers.

Also numerous vintage fetishes, including those by Leekya Deyuse, and vintage Kachinas.

Call gallery for more information - (805) 686-1575, or Merlin at (928) 221-3959.

See us in Santa Fe, NM, August 16th to 21st.

If you need a map and/or directions to the store, click on "Resources" and then the "download" link to view or print directions.

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Christian White Argillite Carved Heron

Argillite Carving - The Heron...

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Doug LaFortune

Doug LaFortune has lived the life of a traditional Northwest Coast Salish person. He represents one of the last Salish Mastercarvers who still work in the traditional style.

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